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This game contains scenes and images that are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. 

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In the land of Scarlet, there is a law that's existed since its founding... The Scarlet Law. Every woman born into this country has a price tag placed on their heads. As long as they are single and of age, the Scarlet Law allows wealthy patrons from faraway lands to purchase and buy women within the country. As the protagonist, it will be your duty to save the girls by buying out their contracts before they are sold... Buy the girls and be the hero of the story...


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Updated 25 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(594 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
TagsAdult, Anime, Dating Sim, Erotic, Fantasy, harem, Hentai, NSFW, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few hours


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I like Estelle, but after Celestria quests, i turned out hate her so fk bad because of how annoyed she was


I remember first playing this game quite a while ago, back then the story ended pretty much where it is now. I've seen in the comments that there has been some kind of "rework" for the game, welp, that's nice. Before I start ranting I would like to make it clear that I like this game and where it's going. I just feel like there can be improvements.

This version seems to have expanded on a few things while removing others...I remember something about Selena not being too happy with the amount of women around MC that's not here now. Maybe it's better this way I guess, less awkward. (Btw believe it or not Selena's theme music was the one thing that caused me to search for this game again. I love the lighthearted, friendly commoner feel to it. Suits her well.) 

Celestia had more backstory than my first playthrough...that seems to have done very little to change her personality. It's a little unconvincing for her to be so trusting. (sleeping in a stranger's bed in her underwear is not exactly what I would call being wary of humans)  Overall it's great, but can maybe be improved a little. 

It's a shame that the events with Ferry are so few. I know it probably has to do with polls but she is one of the only main characters who feels like a real, responsible adult instead of teenagers or downright children.   (Yes I'm talking about you Celestia/Estelle). 

One small issue I've noticed, during the events with Altina MC returns home to ask Sylvia for food...and despite me going for default settings in the beginning , i.e. Sylvia being MC's landlady, he calls her mom in the dialogue.  Probably unintended right?

Makoto, Altina, Sylvia and Azula have been written pretty well, although I do wish MC here had more conversation with them. Aren't you the least bit curious about Pandy and how it's supposed to be able to kill you with a stroke? Don't you want to know more about where your powers or horns are with you being half Valla and all that? Are you concerned about why you have a vision of someone else waking Azula instead of you? Do you like being special in a way or would you rather be normal and pretend it's all just Azula's delusion? 

 Sometimes I feel like he is a honest or at least a sensible person and other times I agree with Estelle that he is a pervert and a manbaby on the side. If I have to pick a most inconsistent character I would pick him. (Lol. I can almost convince myself that he is secretly a highly intelligent individual who uses the right face for the right job, acting dumb when it suits him and reasonable when otherwise. )  Although I can relate as a beginner writer how difficult it is to shape your protagonist through the entire story. It feels better near the later half of Atty's storyline though, I hope it stays that way. 

Oh and the reason I am here in the first place... Is the flower girl aware that all those rare flowers she saved have been severed and ripped away from their home in the park no more than a hundred meters behind her because she wants them in the first place?  Mmmm. tastes like irony.

I appreciate your fair criticism. 

Need estelle more scene


Well that took a millisecond not saying your game is short, just saying your game is so good that I binge played it for 6 hours straight, amazebolls just amazebolls

The misunderstanding of Jifan always makes me think there is a tauren

Ok so heres my problem when i downloaded the apk that worked but when i try to install the apk it shows "unable the stage the package" which makes no sense so please tell me whats wrong?


Not enough storage to install so you got to sacrifice something for the great or good ass game it’s amazing trust me

Anything would be great to delete for this masterpiece lol


Hey, I love your game and I recently had a spark of creativity which led me to trying to create my own. 

I really like the style of your game and my question is this- where did you get the assets for the backgrounds / environments? Did you make them yourself in blender or something, or did you buy them? 

Thanks and keep up the great work! 


I like the DragonBall reference with the blue flower, I was a little confused at first as to why a flower would be Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.


when is 0.3.3 public?



When version 0.3.3 available for android?



I want to ask, is there pregnancy in the game now? If there is how to get it

Dunno, ask the devs

Probably in the future as makoto needs a male child to make pandy speak to her and the only person who can do it is MC himself


This is actually pretty interesting in a sense that in this game we actually see how character development for MC, he doesn't feel like a lifeless doll in later stages of the game, but a character that has changed, overcame (some of) his problems, and turned his life around. But sometimes it feels kind of overwhelming, like his personality just did a 360 out of nowhere and then went back like nothing happened, I think that maybe not doing such a drop would be more enjoyable, so changing that would be great. Rather than that, awesome job, I like your storytelling, and am definitely looking forward to seeing how this work of yours develops further.

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It's nice to see that we are almost caught back up to where the story left off before the rework started. I'm still curious about where things are headed with Estelle since we haven't seen anything about the school yet.

was it in the old version of this game that you could fight a magic school bully? 


Yes, if I remember correctly that was the last major update before JYP started the remake.

I see, thanks!

I really love the storyline and the characters but is anyone else having major crashing issues on Android?  "intermittent" crashing has become annoying past the fun of the game.  It started about 3 updates ago and has gotten worse.  It's gotten to the point where I need to save every 2-3 screen taps.


I think that's a hardware issue. I test the game on Android though, so I can't really help you.

yeah we chatted about it a while back.  There is always the possibility of it being a hardware issue but yours is only one of 3 games that Crash  like this.  just trying to see if others have the same issue.


hi jypgames 

I was wondering when the next update is available for android ant can you please send me a notification for it please 🙏.

Kind regards


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What's your Android version? If it is 11 or higher, then no Ren'py game will run on it, unless the game's developer decides to update the game's Ren'py version to Ren'py 8 (TheArcadean, the creator of Corrupted Kingdoms, is the only NSFW game dev on itch.io who has updated his game to Ren'py 8).

For some reason, Ren'py (version 7 or lower) is not suitable for Androids 11 and higher. There is an inner bug that causes memory leaking on Android, buffer overflow or something like that. The problem is too specific and raises a unknown exception, making the Ren'py game crash right away.

The Ren'py 8 was released, being suitable for latest versions of Android (Android 11 and higher), having this mentioned issue above fixed. Also, the Ren'py 8 is the first Ren'py version that supports Python 3 (yes, they decided to start to support Python 3 after longer than a decade of Python 3 existing).

In a nutshell, there isn't anything you can do except for waiting the NSFW game devs update their Ren'py versions to Ren'py 8, and most of them actually doesn't care about that... So... Yes... There will be games which you will never play on Android anymore.

(1 edit)

THANK YOU!  At least I know the possible cause and the IS a fix...if the creators care to try.

yeah- I'm running 11 since i try to keep everything updated for other reasons.  So few games crash like this I think there might be more creators updating. 
If JYP decides to update I would love to give this a test :) 

My phone is android 12 and runs any game fine i never had a situation where the games crashed or being unable to start the game

No i do not have anything of that sort although it is probably because my phone is decent with a snapdragon 888 and 8gb ram + expandable 3gb


I always put the MC name as Sieg or Sieghart / Siegfried (y'know, 'cause I think it's cool lol) so I was surprised at the MC default name XD


Meh. Decent story, 0 hentai. 4/10

download it if you want to read a 3D Manga of a slice of life. But skip the download if u actually want to have decent nudity. .

First 5 hours of me playing, I managed to get the mother/landlord to have sex. The view was her face, than side view. Didn't see much.

Had to grind out cash for esttie(I can't be asked to check her name again, I deleted the game) which was annoying.  

than I had to deal with annoying ass dumb shit with Serena and esttie. Nearly pulled my hair out, only to be served 0 hentai. I deleted the game directly after it told me to grind out 10k (double what I had to do previously) 

This game is just like all the other visual novels on here. Makes you MEGA grind for mediocre hentai.


Hey buddy just a suggestion but please listen,no need to do but think about it like in the end mc become the top leader or something and give women rights to not be a slave anymore or something and freedom.

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when the v3.2 public realese?

great game also i need moar 


哇,虽然我见过类似“Scarlet Law”的设定,但它实际上依然是非常少见的题材。我很期待作者打磨到最后的成品。说实话,除了和女孩们的日常生活,做些XX的事情,我更期待看到男主角是否能够改变这个“Scarlet Law”,期待着是否会有更大的舞台。比如与大城市里的强大敌人们的对抗情节,又或者男主角成为最大的boss的情节。如果最后的故事能够让人感到跌宕起伏,我肯定会给出高分的。顺便问一下,如果现在就购买(赞助)游戏的话,后续的更新我是否需要支付额外费用呢(哈哈哈哈)。


Wow, although I have seen settings like "Scarlett law", it is still a very rare theme. I am looking forward to the final product polished by the author. To be honest, in addition to doing XX things with the girls in their daily life, I am more looking forward to seeing whether the male lead can change the "Scarlett law" and whether there will be a larger stage. For example, the plot of confrontation with powerful enemies in big cities, or the plot of the hero becoming the biggest boss. If the final story can make people feel ups and downs, I will definitely give high marks. By the way, if I buy (sponsor) the game now, do I need to pay extra for subsequent updates (hahahaha).


Ty for the kind words. The game will always be free. Sponsoring the game is a monthly sub to support the game (and receive the game earlier). Please look forward to the next update.

Is the lag problem on Android already fixed?

great game JYP ! keep it up ∩(·ω·)∩

on the beggining of the game,when i try to click the door,idk why opens the pc,anywhere i click open pc,its a bug?

someone can help me?    


Fun game, love the story so far. Im at that point where if it's a game and it's got good plot, idc about the hentai anymore. I just want to experience some of that SWEEET SWEET SERATONIN from the story lines


Ty. Please look forward to the next update coming soon-ish.

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Ur profile is beautiful I'm thinking of stealing it.... actually nevermind



I dont know how to play it, i have the files. do i need to download another app


use 7-zip to extract the file after downloading it. (extract to...) then open the game-name app in said folder



probably lmao.

Deleted 95 days ago

not really but the most

cuz you know

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is there an auto-updater or a way to save your progress whenever new updates come out? if not, then i'll probably try this out at another time. Looks interesting.

For PC, MAC, LIN, saves carry over. If on mobile, sometimes you need to move save files, sometimes you don't. I believe this depends on your device, I'm not entirely sure.

oh nice thanks

unlessyou have a noncompatable save like 2.5 trying to go to 3.3

was the celestia beach date an accidental release? It seems incomplete

Yes, unfortunately. It's currently available in the early access of 0.3.1 on Patreon/SS, however.


Why do all these nsfw games have such dystopian themes and worlds I don't get it. Another thing why is it always the elves or "half breed stand in" that always get the short end of the stick and don't have rights or whatever?. aren't they just human but slightly diff.....wait a minute. even with those points I ain't gonna stop playing these games. Great work!


That shows, how much racism etc. is a stupidity. After all, they all bleed red.  Just trying to get by on this lil rock in vast universe.


I'm an alien who bleeds blue and I'm very offended.


Why? Don't be! U r not the only one, and still shud be respected and loved! Cheers, and live long and prosper!



I find these genres more interesting and creative. School games are fun, but I think those are the most saturated nsfw games, in my opinion.

is there any way that i can remove the white thing when it shows the dialogue? it's disturbing me

I recommend baby wipes to wipe your screen clean of the white stuff :)


Don't use baby wipes, they can destroy your screen. However, they do sell wipes specifically for electronics now, I recommend those instead.

unfortunately this is not possible

(1 edit) (-1)

is there a way to download an older version of the game before it got revamped? I was about 3 quarters through that before I stopped playing and I came back after a bit of time to the new update (which is dope btw). I just wanna see what I missed out on.

(1 edit) (+1)

Idk if I'm tripping or something, but I'm like 101% sure I've played this game before and when I did there was way more content for the girls. Like for the two thugs you met at night, or where you're able to visit Estelle's school.

You ain't tripping he remade the game a year ago  

Oh, is that version still out? Or will that all be included as he's updating everything?

It most likely be, he remade the scenes and the game "system" as a whole, basically started from scratch but I imagine most of the story won't change THAT much and if it will it'll probably be better anyway u just gotta be patient 


There appears to be a bug occurring with Celestia's beach date. It begins with MC talking about Celestia and even includes some of her dialogue, but the character that shows on screen is Sylvia, not Celestia. Also, you get the same options as Sylvia's (Cute, sexy, or cover yourself), then you're immediately taken back to the hallway at home with the mood counter still active.

Yes, unfortunately, thanks for bringing it up. It's currently available in the early access of 0.3.1 on Patreon/SS, however.


This game is amazing keep up the great work!


Heya, assuming there's a way, how do you transfer a save or saves on an android device such as a tablet to a new version when one does come out?


I can fuck Serena,Sllivia,Makoto, Celestia

But why can't I have sex with Estelle 🥲

Probably because it’s not implemented in the game yet

Because she's not comfortable with that yet. But it'll be worth the wait :)


Why can't I fuck Estelle?


because its not in the game yet, be patient my man


Damn i really enjoyed celestias mischief, it was so well done! 


Ty. Please look forward to the next update.


Hell yeah 👍

where can i find Celestia after she runned away? i went every day to her spot at evening, night and might night but she is still not there

never mind. it just took a while

There's a bug happening in the game, the flowers in the park are no longer respawning. I believe it's because I keep using Quick Save and Load a lot to get better flowers (even because it's hard to farm money in this game). Was this done on purpose or is it really a game bug?


Are you selling flowers that you collect? I noticed that if you have too many flowers in inventory they will stop respawn.

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